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No one can stop our voices.

Fix democracy with DAO and LLM.

Alga is a dapp for micropublics to achieve plurality in real world.

A leaderless democratic system can be launched by your tap. Legislation, Budget Management, Law Viewer, Administration Management, DeFi, and More!

Representativeness is our spirit. LLMs help you to make consensus among diverse opinions. It won't be gamed by malicious actors, and it won't be aggitated by media or money.

Alga is trustless.

It provides self-determination-soundness and public treasury protection under a terrible situation.

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 How to fix democracy with blockchain   

DAOs and LLMs Are

Not Our Enemy

Soundness of democracy relies on assumptions of underlying technologies. Administrative corruptions are to be bound by the protocol and no hidden assumptions break our society. Cryptography, Smart Contracts, and DAOs are the key technologies of such protection.

Alga never compromise on the safety and liveness of deliberations. A rest-assured unbreakable system let people fucus on topics. We all have diverse perpective and thughts which need to be elaborated, and it often takes time to reach the mutual understanding. To overcome bias and to get back the spirit of democracy, we need this.

Furthermore, Alga would make a mesh network of DAOs. It is the Panarchy. You get another layer of human security. Once such protocol gets data for LLMs and incentive to spread, We can't stop talking about the real Web3-democracy and the role of nations.


Where democracy meats smart contract.

Permissionless DAO Startar
Permissionless Join Request
Over-the-Air  Policy/Budget Revision
Various Voting Algorithm
LLM-friendly  Law DB and Automation
Administration Generator
Public Budgeting Through App
Efficient Administration Dismissal
Airdrop to Democratic Community
ve(3,3) Boosting


Voting theory and deliberative democracy are our core philosophy. Unlike other technocrates, we weigh human rights so much.


Your treasury of community could be yielded and $ALGA would be dropped. Stronger local economy saves life.


Politics was inaccessible. Now, it is easy to use. We regard accessibility is the foundation of legitimated political system. 

Beloved Usages

It is in daily life.


Always best person to

a designated position.


Startup as a public good.

You can budget your own public project via Alga.

All decision are by citizens and so drastic idea could be agreed.

State-of-the-art techs and idea will be in the public!

While a young team had the role of public act, we can suggest their better path via DAO proposals to fix the flaws. Such efficient governance helps increasing economic potential of your community.

Your community, your policy. No one stops you to make a better environment.


Democracy isn't a risk to your society.

Alga could be used in the controversial region in the world due to its low-management cost and ease of usage.

For example, UNHCR could install Alga app into reasonable Android phone with Starlink-based WiFi encironment in a refugees' camp. It helps learning quality of people, donation distribution would be transparent, and such large scale reidence area do need autonomy.

The trustless delibeartion is quiet robust against a certain national intentions, and the UN officers' potential damage of terrorism would be limited.

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Decentralize burden.

Reward the right person.


Looking for the next HOA accountant? Here it is.

DAO is leaderless and it stores all data on-chain.

DAO won't delegate power to the CEO and so no need for accountability. Less burden to your HOA, PTA, or any community management.

All regional governance will be fairer and lesser stress-level would be anticipated in your life.

The apartment repair plan, facility management rule update, announcement, and report of budget usage. Everything will be asynchronously managed by DAO and LLM. And contributors can be rewarded based on community rules.


Education through

Alga is good for school and community events.

You can easily launch DAO from app.

Proposal, delinertion, voting, rewarding, and evaluation. Autonomy literacy is the investment to the future of your community.

Cutting-edge technology isn't esoteric indeed.


Modern problem, modern solution.

Let them try new standards.

Alga connect such small public sphere each other.

Self-organizing spontaneous micro publics might alternate national security, human rights preservation, and human security. Such useful apps would change people's mind gradually.

Shape your future through the new democracy.



Thanks for your inquiry!

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